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Sticky Bear Stickers

Snowboarding T-Rex Dinosaur / Die cut, Waterproof / Water-resistant sticker

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Primary color
Channel your most chill vibe through this totally awesome snowboarding dinosaur. Choose from a cool blue color palette or a bright & vibrant orange. This die-cut sticker is perfect for your journal, scrapbook, cards, water bottles, laptop, or any other surface in need of a little extra personality. They also make great little gifts for friends or classmates! Choose from a Blue/Purple dinosaur OR a Green/Orange Dinosaur

Matte: Water-resistant, semi-permanent. Ideal for notebooks, envelopes, and laptops. Can be placed on items that are expected to get wet (like a water bottle you plan to hand-wash), but the colors may fade. As always, each of our products is designed, printed, and cut in-house with lots of love and care.