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Sticky Bear Stickers

Octopus with Three Hearts Sticker / Die cut, Waterproof sticker

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A fun fact about octopuses (or octopi, if you insist) is they have three hearts to love with and eight legs to hug with. And that's what this cute little octopus, bearing all of its hearts, is all about: love and hugs. This die-cut sticker is perfect for your journal, scrapbook, cards, water bottles, laptop, or any other surface in need of a little extra personality. They also make great little gifts for friends or classmates! Choose from (dark) purple, or pink and choose with the text "Love you with all my hearts" or without. 

Matte: Water-resistant, semi-permanent. Ideal for notebooks, envelopes, and laptops. Can be placed on items that are expected to get wet (like a water bottle you plan to hand-wash), but the colors may fade. As always, each of our products is designed, printed, and cut in-house with lots of love and care.